Motorcycle Computer: The Screen Module

Motorcycle Computer: The Screen Module

I recently found some pictures of construction that I thought I lost, so I’ll be able to do a simple breakdown of the components.

First – this shelf from AdventureTech, LLC. ┬áHere’s the link┬áto the product page. They’ll even cut holes in it for you, although I cut my own.

From AdventureTech, LLC
Image is from AdventureTech, LLC

Once I had the shelf – it’s just a nice powdercoated piece of aluminum – I cut out a rectangle for the LCD, and drilled holes for the buttons and rotary encoders I planned to use. Then I soldered wires to all the terminals I’d need – and then routed them to Cat5e jacks, so the actual computing power would be somewhere else on the bike.0

Part of this meant I’d need something to keep the electronics safe and hopefully dry. I modeled a cover in SolidWorks and used a Makerbot Replicator 2 to 3D print a cover. The SolidWorks file is here. I used Black Permatex RTV to seal any openings.

As stated in another post (this one) I needed to remove I2C from the equation, so that I2C backpack was later removed.

Almost done!

Here’s a quick parts list:

  • 2x Rotary Encoder – Link
  • 2x LED Button – Link
  • 1x LCD – Link
  • 3x Cat5e Jacks
  • Suzuki V-Strom Shelf (AdventureTech, LLC) – Link
  • 3D Printed Cover
  • Black RTV

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